Vintage dietary

The Vendor Dietero 2019 is a choral work of the winegrowers and winegrowers of the DO Pla i Llevant that will make the contributions to build this chronicle of the mieses this year. Coordinators: Andreu Oliver, Marina Vera, Antoni Bennàssar


This year, the DOP Pla i Levante celebrates its first twenty years, it will be the twenty-veined harvest made under this stamp and it seems that it was yesterday when those pioneering winegrowers and wine cellars went from the IGP Pla i Levante in the PDO Pla i Llevant.

To celebrate this event, it has been decided to make this diary with the intention of collecting all the activity carried out by farmers and winemakers during the harvest harvest. The intention is double: that the people of the world of wine can explain what they do and that wine lovers can know in detail all the tasks that are carried out in these months. We want to do it with a language that is plain and understandable to all. They will be short articles, without unnecessary flourishes that allow us a full understanding of this set of processes.

The diary begins today its way. Everyone who wants to make contributions or suggestions can do it: