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That the world of wine is expanding in the Balearic Islands is well-known, growing hectares grown and active cellars, from ten thirty years ago to nearly one hundred today are figures that speak alone. But the phenomenon has also reached the fans and with force. More and more, taking advantage of the spaces that can take advantage of their houses, they make their own wine that we already call porcelain wine. First we said wine from fans, afterwards homemade wines and now it is fortunate that the name of porcelain wine because it is very often in this place of the house where the amateur winemaker can install barrels and necessary boots. For portraits dictionaries is a large door, popular use is a room where bans left the cars and now the cars, a garage. And it also has a touch of modernity. It does not cost to tie the wallet with the space that Steve Jobs, the inspiring one of Apple, constructed its first computers.
This weekend, eight amateurs from various villages of the Mallorca plain have offered their wines to a group of more than fifty people called to consider the quality of their elaborations. From Vilafranca, Joan Jaume; from Petra, Toni Vanrell and Jaume Moragues; from Manacor, Toni Llinàs; from Alqueria Blanca, Miquel Rigo and Felanitx, Albert Shuhaibar, Miquel Bennàssar, Jaume Rigo and Tomeu Cerdà. The wines were presented by each one of the authors, later tasted and commented on by the winemaker Miquel Gelabert Miquel, from the cellar Miquel Gelabert de Manacor, who also clarified many of the doubts that the makers had, as well as gave them advice to improve Its quality or achieve different aromas and flavours.
All attendees were surprised by the quality of the tasting wines. From those who started this year with the first wine they have produced until the years that they are dedicated to. A white wine, a white made with black varieties, was presented. The rest were red wines made from a variety of grapes, but among those who stood out the autochthonous callet and manto negro and the French varieties: cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah. Most of them made by coupes that combined the French and autochthonous varieties, but also some varietals.
As a summary of the activity there was a request from many winemakers in demand that the appellation of origin organize courses to train the fans as they are so far based just in their accumulated experience when venting a vintage one after another .