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The month of November has been intensely enologic in Manacor. If they have performed four activities: a tasting course for children under 35, a wine and health conference, a tasting of autochthonous varieties and a comparative tasting of French and Majorcan wines made with French varieties.
The activities have been followed with great interest. There are almost two hundred people who have participated. The tasting for young people was led by the winemaker: Miquel Gelabert Miquel, of the same age as those attending, but who already has wines and sparkling wines made in the market. Combine perfection your professional skills as an enologist with the didactics so the courses are followed with great attention. The conference on wine and health, conducted by Miquel Gelabert Miquel and Antoni Bennàssar, highlighted the virtues of the wine to give a good state of health to those who consumed it in moderation. Antoni Martorell presented the tasting of autochthonous varieties. First of all, introduce the varieties of grapes grown on the island, those authorized and those that are in good condition to get it, to have a taste of wines made from shoemaker, escurry, callip and black mantle. The last activity was the comparison between French and Majorcan wines made from varieties native to France, whites: chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier; Blacks: cabernet sauvigon, merlot and syrah. The French wines came from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Provence. In the opinion of the assistants the Mallorcan varieties did not ignore anything of the French. The tasting was directed by sommelier Daniel Arias.
These activities were organized by the Pla i Llevant and Wine of the Earth, the University Center of Manacor and we will have the collaboration of the City Council of Manacor. All the conferences and tastings were made at the IES Manacor, to which the collaboration must be thanked.