Pla i Llevant PDO in figures

Extension of wine varieties

Varieties of white grapes

Type of grape Hectares (ha)
Premsal 44
Chardonnay 45
Macabeo 14
Moscatell 11
Giro ros 8
Viognier 4
altres 5

Varieties of red grapes

Type of grape Hectares (ha)
Cabernet Suavignon 89
Merlot 70
Callet 59
Syrah 34
Manto negro 33
Tempranillo 23
Fogoneu 2
Gorgollassa 1

Vineyard surface registered

Figure 1 - development of the vineyard area, in hectare (ha), registered since 2005

Grape production

Figure 2 - development of grape production in terms of black and white varieties

Production of wines from wineries registered to Pla i Llevant DO

Figure 3 - amount of wine produced, in hectolitres (hl), according to the type of wine

Marketing of the wine produced

Figure 4 - commercialization of wine produced, in hectolitres (hl)

Vintages rating

Below you will find the assessment issued by the regulatory board

Anyada Qualificació
2003Very Good
2004Very Good
2005Very Good
2006Very Good
2007Very Good
2008Very Good
2009Very Good
2010Very Good
2011Very Good
2011Very Good
2014Very Good
2016Very Good
2017Very Good