Within the set of tasting workshops organized by the PDO Pla i Llevant i Vi de la Terra Mallorca this week a new modality has been released. It is about attendees comparing the organoleptic and price characteristics of wines produced in the Peninsula and Mallorca and checking to see if it is possible to distinguish wines made in one place or another. The first day was dedicated to white wines and the second to reds.


The attendees presented anonymously a set of six wines of those who only knew that they had been made in Mallorca and others outside, but they did not know the name of each one. The order was that they presented the wines had been established at random. It was necessary to answer a questionnaire asked for the color: they had to be ordered by color, by intensity of aroma and by intensity of taste. They were also asked to show what they preferred of color, aroma and taste and to say what they considered to have been made in Mallorca and outside. Finally, they were informed of the prices that had the bottles of wine in the market and they were asked to put price on each bottle.

The white wines of the Peninsula were made from verdejo and godello. The Mallorcans were made from press, muscatel and chardonnay. Regarding blacks, the peninsulas were made of Tempranillo and Graciano. Mallorcans made of callet, black cloak and complemented with cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah.


Participants were aware of the difficulties posed by answering the questions proposed, although they demonstrated excellent knowledge about the characteristics of wines that tasted completely anonymously, as has been said. Regarding colors, aromas and flavors, there were no major problems for the tasters. They practically match their answers. One aspect that was wanted to investigate expressly was the question of the price of wines that we know there is an affirmation that runs through the world in the sense that the Mallorcans are more expensive. This statement in this course was denied. The assistants ordered the prices according to those who have put in the stores of wine and agreed the relation price / quality between those of here and those of outside. They also valued Mallorcan wines 10% above the value they have in the market. We hope that this experience can be repeated in other places to confirm the results and to put some fun hours back in return for a tasting presented as a game that demanded the active participation of the attendees.