Partridge the sommelier, Toni Gelabert presents the new labels of his wine Vinya Son Fangos

06/07/2020. ABR Communication:

After 15 years, Toni Gelabert, owner of the winery Toni Gelabert Wines, has chosen to change the labeling of his all-time wine Vinya Son Fangos, designed by the renowned artist Albert Pinya. This is not the first time that both have collaborated in the design of wine labeling: in Fusion 5 project the label was a collage composed of more than 200 fragments, each of them being a label of different known wines.

Wines Vinya Son Fangos: white, rose and red.

This time they have opted for a more whimsical and fun image of this range of wines. In the image we can see a partridge, a common guest that lives in the vineyards and accompanies the vinegrowers in their daily work. The partridge is disguised for the occasion, dressed up as a sommelier serving a bottle of white, rosé or red Vinya Son Fangos.
White Vinya Son Fangos (2018): Premsal, Moscatel
Rosé Vinya Son Fangos (2019): Callet, Merlot and Syrah
Red Vinya Son Fangos (2018): Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. 12 months of aging in Frech oak barrels.