Types of wine


The premsal and gyro native varieties are the basis for wines that express in a unique way the character of the soil in the area. They are rather pale wines with light green hues. Intense, somewhat fruity aromas, with a Mediterranean herbal background; delicious flavour. Fresh Pleasant acidity. The special characteristics of the foreign varieties planted in our wine-growing areas offer us a wide range of sensations: Chardonnay and Muscat produce wines that are pleasing on the palate and whose nose is highly expressive. Fresh Vivid acidity. Light and long at the same time. Depth characterised by variety (musk, flowers, fruits)


The sensory clarity of our varieties characterises our rosé wines. Wines that are of an intense “raspberry” in colour. Aromas of red fruit, fine ground background, delicious taste, citrus notes, good acidity. The rosés made with the native Callet have citrus aromas: specifically orange, which is typical of the variety.


The style that characterizes the Mediterranean adaptation of the French varieties grown in our area produce wines that exude pleasant balsamic touches on the nose; for the palate, soft and mature tannins. These are tasty and full-bodied wines. Regarding the native grapes, the resulting wines are characterized by a unique nose. Earthy touches go together with an interesting varietal personality, giving rise to round wines with interesting bouquets, after a short time in the barrel. In recent years, wines with a younger character have been produced: fresh, lively and with predominantly fruity aromas.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are becoming more popular in the Pla i Llevant Mallorca PDO region. Each year, increasingly more wineries opt to create a new kind of sparkling wine in the area. Sparkling whites and rosés made with both native and wild varieties. Light wines with a fine and persistent mousse. Predominant fruit aromas reminding us of aspects of preparation, such as that found in pastries, yeast and bread.