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In the first days of October, the 2018 harvest of Pla i Llevant has ended. The wort ferments the cellars to give the wine a complicated vintage, but it is thought to be of quality. It is well known that the cycle of the vine depends very much on the weather. If the spring and the first part of the summer conditions were good in the month of August and September the conditions changed, possibly excessive rainfall and lack of temperature to achieve adequate maturation of grains. However, the grapes that have entered the wineries have the right characteristics to make a good wine.
The production of the vineyards, after the descent of last year, has returned to its usual values, very similar to those of the year 2016. The harvest was 2,400.00 kg, of which a little more than one Four hundred percent correspond to black varieties and almost a million white ones. The maximum yield that they can give in wine is 70% of the weight of the grape.
With regard to the white varieties, the most prevalent is white premsal with 380,000 kg, followed by chardonnay, 225,000 kg and muscatel, almost one hundred thousand, similar to macabeu. Among the whites, the increase in the cultivation of the twisted rose, the last authorized white variety, has tripled its harvest compared to 2016, more than 80,000 kg.
Black varieties do not have many new features apart from overcoming the drop in last year. The most cultivated are the French ones: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. They are followed by autochthonous callets and black manto, 190,000 and 170,000 kg respectively. Finally, the eye of hares and quantities not very large of fogoneu, gorgollassa, pinot noir and monestrell.
Now, wait a few months to see the results!