Wine sow poetry in the heart of people. Dante Alighieri

(Mechanical translation through Google Translator)

Once again the Confraternity of Tastavins de Manacor has organized its Wine Cultural Week of that town. One more thing has been exceeded expectations and one more year the brothers have seen their work and headaches recognized for the party to go round.

It has been organized around three acts: the presentation of wines of the PDO Pla i Llevant in which some 1,700 people congregated in the municipal park to taste the wines of the ten wineries that were present at the event. Well accompanied by the specialties of the HiperCentro entity that dedicates a solid dedication every year to the event and makes the pairing between home-made products and white, pink and red wines to be particularly emphasized.

The second act is the start of the wine tasting that was conducted this year by the enologist and owner of the cellar Miquel Oliver de Petra who once again showed his communication skills to get the audience to know the singularities of every wine.

And finally, the act on harmony of music, poetry, tapas and wine in which what there is no one of the senses that humans have is not impregnated with sensations that are well-matched. In this act there is neither improvisation nor occurrences, but a joint search of experts in cuisine, wine, music and poetry to offer a tune between fields that seem far away. Do not improvise because before the act the experts meet to reach an agreement on the elements to offer. Just a small example chosen from those who offered that night. Imagine a slightly smoked salmon top, guacamole of field herbs on a cassava toast. In the glass, the splendid yellow of the wine made from round twirl shades in Toni Gelabert shines. You taste them, leave the glass, while the aromas of the field herbs are blended with the glycerine of the wine, it sounds like music: Jules Massenet’s Thaïs Meditation, causing a moment of maximum emotion topped by Agnès Vanrell, which is repeated: Seduced, em wake up the thirst of you and sprout in my / the deepest and wildest delirium / It is then when threec avidly / by the boot congregated with the memory / to smell you like / you were the best of the wines. And the act is repeated six times, cover, music, wine and poetry. Will you lose it next year?